Casper Terminal, WY

Our Casper terminal is a crude oil storage, blending and railcar loading terminal located in Casper, Wyoming, where the Express Pipeline from Western Canada (~325,000 Bpd of capacity) interconnects with the Platte Pipeline to Wood River, Illinois (~145,000 Bpd of capacity). The Casper terminal currently offers six customer-dedicated storage tanks with 900,000 Bbls of total capacity and unit train-capable railcar loading capacity in excess of 100,000 Bpd (14 railcar loading positions and ability to hold 4 unit trains simultaneously). Inbound crude oil is delivered to the Casper terminal primarily through our dedicated 24-inch diameter, six mile direct pipeline connection (CCR Pipeline) from the Express Pipeline, which provides access to multiple grades of Canadian crude oil. The Casper terminal can also receive volumes through a truck unloading station. All inbound volumes are fed directly into customer-dedicated storage tanks, which enhances the ability to control the quality of the product from origin to end market. This also allows customers to blend multiple grades of crude oil to optimize the economics associated with refining varying grades of crude oil. Outbound crude oil is transported to end markets by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, a truck loading station, and outbound pipeline that has access to several markets. The terminal's location on the BNSF's main line offers advantaged transportation costs to key U.S. refining markets where several customer-preferred destinations are also served by the BNSF.

Modes InboundTruck, Pipeline
Modes OutboundRail, Truck, Pipeline
Tank Capacity900,000 barrels (six tanks with 150,000 barrels of capacity each)
Servicing RailroadsBNSF
ProductCrude oil
Terminal Services
  • Receipt of batched shipments from the Express Pipeline
  • Inbound and outbound truck stations
  • Storage and blending in onsite tankage
  • Both manifest and unit train shipments
  • Outbound pipeline connection
FERC Tariffs

CCR Pipeline Tariff 2.2.0
CCR Pipeline Rules and Regulations Tariff No. 1.1.0

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